Definitions for students and kids in easy way




Definitions for students and kids in easy way

Here are some definitions of varies things

This article is very useful and helpful for kids and students the students and children are interested to define anything you can read the all definitions in this post

River –a large natural flow of water that goes cross land and into the sea

Lake –a large area of water that is surrounded by land

Tree- a tall plant that can live for a long time trees have a thick wooden central part from which branches grow

Sky – the space that you can see when you look up from the earth and where you can see the sun, moon and stars.

The sun – the star that shines in the sky during the day and that gives the earth heat and light.

Moon – the object that shines in the sky at night and that moves around the earth once every 28days.

An object like the moon that moves around another planet.

Definitions for students and kids in easy way.

Definitions for students and kids in easy way



Soil- the substance that planets trees, etc. grow in; earth.

Computer – an electronic machine that can store ,find and arrange information calculate amounts and control other machines.

Internet- a global computer network providing  a variety of information and communication facilities ,consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

Society- the people a country or area, thought of as a group, who have shred customs and leas. An organization of people who share a particular interest or purpose, a club.

Love – a strong feeling that you have when you like somebody /something very much a strong feeling of interest in or enjoyment of something

Food – a particular type of food that you eat.

Something that people or animal eat .

Car – a road vehicle with four wheels that can carry a small number of people .

Clothes – the things that you wear it’s protect your body.

Game – a form of play or sport with rules, a time when you play it .An activity that you do to have fun .

Festival – a day or time when people celebrate something.

Warship – to pray to and show respect for god or a god.

Temple – the place or building where people pray to god or gods.

Dance – a series of stop of stop and movements which you do to music dancing as a form of art or entertainment.

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