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Kite is a good thing to fly and get pleasant feeling

Flying a kite is a pleasant feeling. It gives a special feeling to our moments Everyone should lick it to be a memorable moment in their life.

Flying a kite and watching it fly is a very pleasant feeling.Children consider it as an important part of themselves And along with it the elders also enjoy it a lot, no one wants to miss this happy occasion.

 It is a custom in every country to fly this kite on different occasions. Although there is no written history of kites but it is about 2000 years old.


It is said that the earliest history of kite flying dates back to the exploits of the Han Hsin (Han Dynasty) dynasty. But this is completely correct, it cannot be said because there are different beliefs about the invention of the kite.

It is also believed that the kite was invented from a place in China. There is a place in China called ‘Shandong’ which is a province in eastern China. A farmer from China tied his cap with a thread because his cap was being blown away again and again by the wind. When he saw that after tying the cap to the thread, it was going to fly up, but it was stable because it was tied to the thread. Then what was it, he used different things in this way, then again the kite was invented.

 According to another belief, the Chinese philosopher Mozhi and Lu Ban invented the kite in the fifth century BC, Because it is believed that the kite-making material existed in China at that time. such as silk cloth, etc.

It also seems that from 549 AD, paper kites were used, because the paper kites were used in the form of a ship to send a message for the conservation campaign. In ancient and medieval China, wind instruments were used to test, send signals, and communicate military operations. Chinese kites were the first flat kites and were rectangular in shape. And then gradually many types of things started being used in kites.

It is also believed that the kite was invented in the third century and then gradually reached the whole world. Kite has also been a medium of performance of religious beliefs. It has also been a custom in different countries to fly kites in the celebration of different faiths.It is said about Thailand that every king had his own famous kite which was flown in the winter season by the Bhikshu and priests in the hope of peace and happiness in the country; he used to be very interesting in this. The people of Thailand also used to fly kites in the rainy season to send their prayers to God.

In this way, on 26 November, kites are flown in many countries of the world, And it is celebrated as Kite Flying Day.


Kite flying started in Europe after the arrival of the sailor Marco Polo. Marco brought the kite skills he had gained from his travels in the East to Europe. It is believed that the people of Europe and then the inhabitants of America used kites for scientific and military purposes.


Britain’s famous medical doctor Nidham wrote a book named Itihas (a history of china’s science and technology) in the book called the history of Chinese public industry. Britain’s renowned medical doctor Nidham ne apani chini vigyan awam praudhogi ka itihas (a history of china’s science and technology), In the book, the kite has been described as a major scientific discovery given by China to Europe.  Kite flying is a hobby in India and many countries of the world including China, Korea, and Thailand.In India, kite flying has gradually become a part of the culture and civilization. And it has become a hobby of all children, young and old people of India.

 Today in the world kites are celebrated with great enthusiasm. And made the kite interesting.


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