Metals and non metals for class 8th and 10th



Metals and non metals.

Elements are often divided into two classes – metals and nonmetals. More than 110 elements are known today. There are 24 non metals and the rest are metals.


Metals have the following general properties-

  • Metals are hard, strong solid, bright. For example- aluminum, zinc, iron, copper, tin, etc.
  • They have a luster, for example- copper, silver, gold etc.
  • They are malleable (they can be beaten or rolled into sheets)
  • They are sonorous. When struck, it produces a sound.
  • Metals are ductile, for example- copper, silver; gold can be easily drawn into wires.
  • Metals are good conductors of heat, when we connect to metal rod with heat of first point then second point is also heated.
  • Metals are good conductors of electric, for example- iron. Copper, aluminum.


Nonmetals have the following general properties-

  • Bad conductor of heat, they can not allow to pass heat.
  • Bad conductor of electricity, they can not allow to pass electric current, but only graphite is good conductor of electric current.
  • They are no sonorous. They can’t produce

Metals and non metals.

There are 24 non metals known as, 12 are solid (carbon, silicon, phosphorus, sculpture, iodine), 1 is a liquid (bromine), and 11 are gases (nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, neon, helium, chlorine, fluorine, oxygen)

Metals along with hydrogen are arranged in order of their activity in a series, called the activity series.

Metals and non metals

When the chemical action of the air is prolonged beyond tarnishing, the compounds formed slowly eat away the metal. This is called corrosion.


S.N0 Metal Symbol Atomic Number
1 Sodium Na 11
2 Aluminium Al 13
3 Magnesium Mg 12
4 Iron Fe 26
5 Copper Cu 29
6 Silver Ag 47
8 Tin Sn 50
9 Gold Au 79
10 Mercury Hg 80
11 Zinc Zn 30
12 Lead Pb 82
13 Thulium Tm 69
14 Polonium  Po 84
15 Radium Ra 88
16 Uranium U 92
17 Flerovium Fl 114
18 Nobelium No 102
19 Fermium Fm 100
20 Livermorium Lv 116

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