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PAN correction form free download

PAN correction form 

PAN correction form 

If you are looking for the PAN (Permanent Account Number) correction form in India, you can use the “Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data” form, commonly known as Form 49A. This form is used to apply for a new PAN card or to make changes or corrections in the existing PAN data.


Here are the steps to fill out the PAN correction form (Form 49A):

Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department of India or NSDL e-Governance website.

Download the Form 49A from the website.

Fill out the form with accurate details. Make sure to provide correct information and avoid any mistakes. Fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*).

In case of correction, tick the box “Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card” at the top of the form.

Fill in your personal details, such as name, date of birth, address, contact details, etc. Ensure that the information matches the details on your existing PAN card.

If there are any corrections to be made, clearly mention the changes that need to be made in the relevant sections.

Affix two recent passport-sized photographs on the form in the space provided. The photographs should be self-attested by you with your signature across the photo.

If the communication address is different from the residential address, provide the communication address separately.

Provide the details of your existing PAN card, including the PAN number, if applicable.

After completing the form, cross-check all the details to ensure accuracy.

Attach the supporting documents as required. These may include proof of identity, proof of address, and proof of date of birth. Refer to the instructions provided with the form to determine the necessary documents.

Sign the declaration at the end of the form. If the applicant is a minor or deceased, the guardian or representative should sign.


Once you have filled out the form and attached the necessary documents, submit it to the nearest PAN card center or post it to the appropriate address mentioned in the form.

PAN correction form 

Make sure to keep a copy of the filled form and supporting documents for your records. The PAN correction process may involve a fee, so it is advisable to check the current fee structure on the official website before submitting the form.

PAN correction form 

PAN correction form PDF

Can I correct PAN card online myself?

Yes, you can correct your PAN card online yourself. The process for correcting a PAN card typically involves submitting an online application through the official website of the Income Tax Department of India. Here are the steps you can follow:


Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department of India.

Look for the “Online PAN Application” section or a similar option on the website.

Select the appropriate form for corrections or changes to your PAN card details. The form is generally known as “Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data.”

Fill in the required information in the form, providing accurate details for the corrections you need to make. You might need to provide supporting documents as evidence of the changes you’re requesting.

Once you have completed the form, submit it electronically through the website.

Pay the required fees for the correction application. The fee can be paid online using various payment modes available on the website.

After successful submission and payment, you will receive an acknowledgment number. Make sure to note down or print the acknowledgment for future reference.

The Income Tax Department will process your application, verify the details provided, and make the necessary corrections. This process may take some time, so be patient.

Once the corrections are processed, you will receive an updated PAN card with the corrected details. The new PAN card will be sent to the address you provided in the application.

It’s important to note that the process and requirements may vary slightly, and it’s advisable to refer to the official website of the Income Tax Department for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the PAN card correction process.


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