time is money quote and shayary

time is money quote and shayary

time is money

  • समय जाता नहीं,

और हम बदलते रहते हैं।

क्या करें वक्त का है खेल,

हम तो सिर्फ समय के चलते हैं।

  • Translation:

Time never stops,

But we keep changing.

What can we do, time is a game,

We are just moving along with it.

  • “Time is money” is a well-known proverb that suggests that time is a valuable resource that should not be wasted. The phrase means that time is as important as money, and wasting time is equivalent to wasting money. It highlights the idea that time is a finite and precious commodity that should be utilized efficiently and effectively to achieve one’s goals and objectives. The proverb has become a common idiom that emphasizes the importance of being productive, efficient, and effective in managing one’s time to achieve success in life.
  • जब वक़्त होता है तो सब चलता है,

कोई रोक नहीं सकता है इसे,

ये चलती रहती है दिन रात,

अपनी रूपरेखा के साथ।

  • समय की गति बदलती जाती है,

कभी तो रुक जाती है,

पर सच यही है कि समय के साथ,

ज़िन्दगी की धड़कन भी बदलती जाती है।

When time comes, everything moves,

No one can stop it,

It keeps moving day and night,

With its own trajectory.

The pace of time keeps changing,

Sometimes it stops,

But the truth is that with time,

The heartbeat of life keeps changing too.

  • “Zindagi ke kuch pal humare saath chalte hai,

Fir chale jaate hai jaise kuch nahi hua,

Waqt ke saaye me hum bas khade rahte hai,

Aur dekhte hai zindagi kaise guzar jaati hai.”



“Some moments of life walk with us,

And then leave as if nothing happened,

We stand in the shadow of time,

And watch how life passes by.”

Tick-tock goes the clock,

As time keeps moving on,

Moments fleeting, never stopping,

From dusk until the dawn.


  • We measure life in seconds,

Minutes, hours, and days,

But time’s a fickle mistress,

Who forever slips away.


And hold them close with care,

For time is always ticking,

And life is oh so rare.

  • Waqt ki baat hai,

Kehte hain sadiyon se,

Ke jab ho jata hai guzar,

Toh yaad raha na jata hai kabhi.

  • Par sach toh yeh hai ki,

Waqt ke saath-saath guzar jana,

Har cheez ka hissa hai zindagi mein,

Aur sabhi ko yahi mukaam mil jana.


  • Waqt ki pukaar suno,

Daudte-daudte bhool mat jana,

Har pal ko jeena sikho,

Aur apni zindagi ka asli maksad pana.


  • Isi ke saath, waqt ki lehar mein behna sikho,

Kyonki har lehar apne saath,

Naye nazariye aur naye safar laati hai,

Jo aapki zindagi ko aur khoobsurat banaati hai.

Time is a fleeting concept,

It moves ahead without relent,

Moments lost, never to be found,

Leaving memories etched in the ground.


  • With every tick of the clock,

We must make the most of what we’ve got,

For time waits for no one,

And soon our journey will be done.


  • So cherish every single day,

In your heart let love and kindness stay,

For time may be fleeting, but it’s also a gift,

And in it, we can find a life that’s rich.

  • Waqt guzar raha hai chupke se,

Zindagi ke saaz pe dhun bana ke,

Kuch pal ke liye, kuch lamhon ke liye,

Kuch yaadon ke saath hum bhi muskura ke.


  • Time is passing quietly,

Creating a tune on the instrument of life,

For a few moments, for a few seconds,

With some memories, let’s smile too.


  • Waqt ki dhool se saaf ho jayenge,

Zindagi ke rangon ko paayenge,

Lamhon ki zanjeeron ko tod kar,

Naye safar ki shuruwat kar payenge.


  • Zindagi ka har pal hai ek sitara,

Waqt ki rukawat ke bawajood,

Hum chalte rahe, muskurate rahe,

Khushiyon ka safar kar jate rahe.


  • Waqt ke saath chalna hi zindagi ka kaam hai,

Zindagi ke safar mein waqt ka saath hai,

Toh khush raho, muskurate raho,

Kyunki waqt ka kuch nahi bigad sakta.


  • Zindagi mein jo beet gaya, woh waqt tha,

Jo aane wala hai, woh bhi waqt hai,

Par khushiyan ya gham, sab waqt ki lehar hain,

Isliye khud ko waqt ke saath mila do.


  • Lamhon ne khata ki thi sadiyon ki saza payi,

Waqt ki dhool mein khud ko dhulwaya payi,

Ab har pal hi khushi se jiya jaaye,

Kyunki waqt ki yeh kaisi saza hai.


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